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Sugar: “It’s getting closer…”

Muddymod’s “Keep the Lights On” Donation Stream - Starting in 30 minutes!

Alright guys, muddymod here asking for some major help. My family’s paid what bills we could but our monthly funds have run dry. Our electric bill is a little over $200 and has to be paid by April 7th or else our electricity will be shut off. This means we won’t have internet, no heat/air, no food storage and no way to cook. I’ll be holding a donation stream to help get enough money to pay this bill. Here’s how donations will work:

-$5 gets you a sketch of one character
-$10 gets you a sketch of two characters
-$15 adds some color to your sketch
-$20 gets your sketch cleaned up
-$25 adds shading
-Tips are greatly appreciated!


-You don’t have to donate to come in the stream, you’re welcome to just come and watch. All I ask is that you spread the word.
-Make sure to have references and payment at the ready as payment will be required first.
-If I do not approve your first request, you may make a different one.
-Canon characters and OCs will be allowed.
-Both NSFW and SFW will be drawn
-I can draw ponies, anthros, furries, and humans but no humansxponies.
-The rules for my commissions will be the same rules here.
-Any money received after the goal has been reached will go towards other bills that have to be paid 



[Image of the mane 6 smiling and laughing together] All of the mane six have their fair share of anxieties, neuroses, and issues, but they’re not treated as bad for having them or getting help with them, their friends support them, and these traits don’t just vanish after they’ve been dealt with once.


Ironically some of the brony critics complain about their flaws not having been completely absolves after a single episode tackling them,

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