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So, yeah…

For all you collectors out there, Enterplay wants to extend a brand new foil of “Fuck You!" if you happen to live in basically every country in the world as listed in the ‘Cannot ship to’ section of the page. Or, simply, not America.

What’s that?" Enterplay asks, "you couldn’t get to the conventions? Well, here, you can still buy the prized exclusive on our website!

Wow, really?" cries the costumer, "I really wished I’d be able to get it, but I couldn’t afford to travel to America.

What hear I!?" Enterplay gasps, "a non-American? We don’t want to do business with you! Find some other filthy vendor to buy it instead, and buy it from him! Away with you, filth!

These cards were neat and all, but for someone living in the UK and, by extension, not America, they are a lost cause that I see no point in carrying on with. They pass out exclusive cards that seem to only occur in America or in an event that I am under the impression never happened, because no one seems to talk about it, then sell you check-lists so you can keep track of which cards you’ve acquired and make exclusive cards part of that check-list - which will forever taunt you because those cards will never be in your possession.

And like so many other companies who might also reap the benefits of near-global distribution, these cards also come with printed codes for competitions for winning prizes, WHICH ONLY APPLIES TO PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN AMERICA. AARGH WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU PIECES OF SHITS WHY WOULD YOU TORMENT YOUR AUDIENCES LIKE THAT YOU ARSE-FACED BASTARDS WHY SHOULD I SUPPORT YOU WHEN YOU’RE BEING A NEGLIGENT COLLECTIVE OF CUNTS!?

I don’t even hate them, but still. The entirety of their online shop seems to completely reject the idea of international shipping. Goodness forbid they have non-American clientèle. Shame, Enterplay, that’s how you lose patronage. >:(

But to get to the point in a more civilised manner: “Screw you, Enterplay! Are you fucking kidding me!?

I’m not blind to the restrictions and policies of companies. It’d probably be very expensive for Enterplay to support international shipping, so they instead sell to other smaller companies via warehouses, which significantly cuts their own expenditures. But Hot Topic does international shipping and many other businesses who deals with fandom merchandise. So, why can’t Enterplay even consider this when they are, oh, y’know, selling CHECK-LISTED COLLECTIBLES!

I’m not even that outwardly angry. If you looked at my face right now, I literally have the face of a bored person who just came home from 9 hours of work, pending judgement and criticism from his employers after they return from their 10-days-holiday without consulting me with the work-shifts (the fucking pricks). And I am still concerning myself more with unfair distribution of fan collectibles than the prospects of my boss telling me that I haven’t done enough work while they’ve been away…

On that note, about my work: for the last 9 days we’ve had a heatwave in London, so working in a kitchen is suicide, since there’s no air conditioning. Also, I’ve left the kitchen to the competent hands of my employers for tomorrow’s special, which I’ve prepared all the foods for. Either they will be moderately happy with my efforts, or they’ll tell me I’ve been lazy and threaten to fire me… again. Or some variation of “you should have done this,” or “why you don’t do that,” or, more likely, “if x happens, you’re fired.”

I’m not even bad at my job, though, and it helps in paying the rent… somewhat.

Oh, and by the time you finish reading this, either you, or I, or someone else will find out that Enterplay exclusives was something available to Europe on the first chance that I simply missed. That wouldn’t make me any happier, but at least I can rightfully feel stupid for complaining, which I should; it’s only a collectible, right?

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